OSM Static maps API

Main idea of the project is to create an web application which will provide an easy way of embedding maps into web pages. Application is going to be deeply configurable and easy to install by anyone on his server. It is being implemented in PHP5.

Application is development all the time, and I am looking forward for any feedback about API I would be very grateful for it. You can send comments, information about errors etc. to osm.static.maps.api(at)gmail.com.

Sample maps



Conditions and terms of use

If you are using OSM static maps API it means that you read and accepted terms and conditions of use

API description

For that moment map can be build in 3 ways:

There has been set up limit of tiles per map, so each map can be build from no more than 30 tiles.

Supported url attributes:

Range of longitude values: from -180 to 180
Range of latitude values: from -85.0511 to 85.0511